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Bourbon County Fair Round Robin

The Bourbon County Fair holds an annual Round Robin Supreme Showman contest in memory of Donald R. Thompson. Bourbon County showmen who win grand champion and reserve champion showman in their livestock species compete for overall showman. The individuals must then show all four livestock species: hogs, sheep, goats, and cattle. 

Congratulations to the 2022 Bourbon County Fair Round Robin winners!

Grand Champion Supreme Showman: Blake Dailey

Reserve Champion: Riley Bussell

3rd Overall: JJ Jackson

Saturday, July 1st, 2023 - 7:00 pm

Committee: Allen and Ashley Crupper


1. Participants must be a Bourbon County 4-H, Bourbon County FFA or Paris Independent FFA program(s) and be 9 years old or older as of January 1st of the current show year.

2. Two participants will be selected from each species during the fair week. Each winner must show his/her own animal in the showmanship contest in their respective species in order to qualify for the round robin, if they do not they will not be able to participate if chosen for the round robin. Animals will be checked to determine if they are own participants during each species shows.

3. If a Champion showman in a species has already been selected to participate in the Round Robin from a previous species another selection will be made from that species in order to have 8 participants in the Round Robin.

4. Participants will show hogs, sheep, goats, and cattle. Species winners are required to provide the animal they won with for the Round Robin.

5. In addition to showmanship, the judge will ask a question of their choice for the participants to answer on the microphone at the end of the showmanship competition.

6. The judge will score participants on each of the four species and the question from 1 to 100. Judge will select the top three placings with the highest score winning.

7. Round Robin participants can only receive Champion Showman three times in their show career. Previous winners who have not aged out, may participate.


Supreme Champion Showman - Award & $300

Reserve Champion Showman - Award & $250

Third Place Showman - Award & $200

Each Round Robin participants will receive $100 for representing their species. 

Previous Round Robin Supreme Showmen:

2022: Blake Dailey

2021: Mason Miracle

2020: TJ Yazell

2019: Mason Miracle

2018: McKalyn Shelton

2017: Logan Kearns

2016: Chris Hinkle

2015: TJ Yazell

2014: Lindsay Haynes

2013: Ashley Cundiff

2012: Jacob Thompson

2011: Morgan Carter

2010: Lacey Roe

2009: Margaret Steele

2008: Austin Johnson

2007: Josh Thompson

2006: Amber Combs

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