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Mule and Horse Show

Saturday, June 22, 2019 at 6:00pm

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Bourbon County Fair

Horse and Mule Pleasure Show

June 22, 2019 starts at 6:00pm

  1. Open Lead Line
  2. Youth Western Pleasure Walk/Trot
  3. Open Youth Walk/Trot Mule
  4. Keg Shod Walking Pleasure Horse (no cantor) factory stamped shoe
  5. Open Walk/Trot Mule
  6. Youth Gated Pleasure Horse Flat Walk, Running Walk/Rack
  7. Youth (18 and under) Gaited Western Trial Mule
  8. Open Gaited Pleasure Horse Flat Walk, running walk,/rack
  9. Open Western Trail Pleasure Mule
  10. Lite Shod Walking Pleasure Horse
  11. Speed Racking Mule
  12. Gaited Trail Pleasure Horse Walk, favorite must back
  13. Youth Lite shod gaited mule english or western
  14. Spotted walking pleasure horse
  15. Youth style racking mule
  16. Youth 12 & under walk and favorite gait horse
  17. 4 years and under walking mule
  18. 4 and under gaited horse
  19. Style Racking Mule
  20. Open walking Horse (no canter)
  21. 5 years and over walking mule
  22. Style Racking horse
  23. Speed Racking horse/pace
  24. Open Poles Horse
  25. Open poles mule
  26. Youth poles horse
  27. Youth poles Mule
  28. Open Barrels Horse
  29. Open barrels Mule
  30. Youth barrels Horse
  31. Youth barrels Mule
  32. Open Pantyhose
  33. Open Youth Pantyhose
All classes will payback 25%, 15%, & 10% plus 2 place ribbons
Judges decision is final
Not Responsible for accidents or thefts
No padded horses allowed
Coggins and Health papers required
No action devices allowed
No show attired required
Entry fee for all classes except the lead line will be $10

For more information call 
Joe Penn  502-395-1615
Bill Cox 502-382-6328